Yup, this is the home of the TV show New York Noise. It’s actually dead, done, completely deceased, RIP 2009, but thanks to the internet I have built a virtual graveyard filled with relics of a bygone alternative era, mainly 2003-2009, mostly restricted to the New York metropolitan area.

New York Noise originally aired on NYC TV to 8 million homes, NY, NJ and CT from Sept 2003 to May 2009. It was graciously supported & funded by NYC TV, a division of The City of New York, and amongst some other nice things people said, it had been called¬†“Best Unnecessary But Totally Rad Use of The City’s Money, Music Division”.

Now that that’s over, I’ve started a new music video show called ‘Weird Vibes’ for MTV Hive since August 2011, which I basically see as a continuation of New York Noise. Hope you like it!

Thanks for watching!

XO Shirley Braha

shirley braha, producer.

shirley braha, producer.

Creator, Producer and Editor of NY Noise
shirleybraha [at]

PS- Thanks so much to everyone who helped over the years, especially Arick Wierson and Seth Unger who helped get the show off the ground, and everyone at NYC TV. And thank you for the petition and campaign that tried to save the show, that was so nice.